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Warwick, Rhode Island – Rhode Island’s second-largest city

While it is usually lumped in with Providence, due to its proximity to Rhode Island’s largest city, Warwick has an identity of its own that is worth exploring.

This city of about 80,000 people is ideally located just 12 miles from downtown Providence, 63 miles from Boston, and 171 miles from New York City, but enjoys a more peaceful way of life than its much larger cousins.

In Warwick, you’ll have unlimited access to beaches, marinas, and parks, and a care-free lifestyle that only Rhode Island can provide.

Warwick, Rhode Island’s neighborhoods

Living in Warwick means choosing between its various neighborhoods. Here are some of the largest:

Apponaug – A community on the west side of town, Apponaug has residential, commercial, and industrial zones, along with access to the water and a close proximity to the I-95. Apponaug is also home to Warwick City Hall, making it the city’s downtown area.

Cowesett – The neighborhood of Cowesett sits on a hillside between the I-95 and Greenwich Bay, making it a sought-after location in which to live. The area is home to numerous marinas, and also features some high-end shopping venues that are worth a visit. This affluent neighborhood has easy access north to Providence and south to Washington County, as well.

Potowomut – You’ll notice that the peninsula of Potowomut is a strange neighborhood because it’s isolated from the rest of the city. North Kingstown borders this section of Warwick to the south, and East Greenwich is directly to the west, so it doesn’t touch any other part of the Warwick via land. Once in Potowomut, you’ll find a small residential area, numerous beaches, Goddard Memorial State Park, and a golf course, providing plenty of action for those who live there.

Oakland Beach – For anyone who loves the water, Oakland Beach is an excellent choice when buying a home in Warwick because it features a large waterfront area, in addition to multiple marinas. The neighborhood sits where Greenwich Bay enters Brush Neck Cove and Warwick Cove, so there is always a lot of activity in this part of the city.

Conimicut – On the east side of Warwick, at the mouth of the Providence River, sits Conimicut, a mostly residential area with plenty of parks and tree cover, in addition to a scenic beach. Conimicut has various waterfront properties, and a series of restaurants and shops along West Shore Road, as well.

Hoxsie – As the largest neighborhood in Warwick, Hoxsie is also one of the most desirable in which to live. This area features the city’s primary commercial district, which sits along Warwick Avenue, and is also home to TF Green Airport, the state’s largest. There are also plenty of schools, churches, parks, and residential properties in Hoxsie.

The history of Warwick, RI

Warwick is a prominent location in early American history, going back to its founding.

In 1642, Samuel Gorton founded Warwick when sachem Miantonomi of the Narragansett tribe sold him the land. Two other sachems disputed the sale, which included present-day Coventry and West Warwick, taking the case to Boston and placing the property under the rule of Massachusetts.

In 1643, after Gorton refused to vacate the land, the Massachusetts Bay Colony attempted to arrest him. The dispute led to the creation of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, one of the original 13 colonies to make up the United States.

A second major event in American history occurred in Warwick in 1772 when local patriots committed the first violent act of the American Revolution against assets of the British Crown. Called the Gaspee Affair, this event involved members of a local militia boarding a British ship and shooting the commanding officer. They then removed all arms from the boat and burned it into the harbor.

Things to do in Warwick

Keeping yourself busy in Warwick is easy, thanks to the abundance of activities you’ll find within the city.

Many sections of Warwick overlook Narragansett Bay and Greenwich Bay, so there are plenty of beaches to explore. Some of the most popular include Conimicut Point, Oakland Beach, and Warwick City Park, all of which are incredibly scenic places to spend an afternoon. Away from the ocean, you can swim and fish at Gorton Pond, Little Pond, Sand Pond, and Warwick Pond, too.

If you fancy a night at the theater, Warwick is home to The Gamm and the Warwick Center for the Arts. Or, if fine arts are more your style, you can explore the YJ Contemporary Fine Art Gallery.

There’s plenty of history in Warwick, which you can view at the Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum, the Warwick Neck Lighthouse, and the Aspray Boat House. You can experience living history at the Bank Cafe and Apponaug Village, which are historical entities that are open to the public.

Those who have a boat will find marinas up and down the coastline, and there are golf courses, movie theaters, country clubs, bowling alleys, and fitness centers, as well.

No matter how you want to spend your free time, Warwick will have something for you.

Buying a home in Warwick

When you buy a home in Warwick, Rhode Island, you’re putting yourself in an outstanding location where you’re right on the ocean and close to major centers, yet living in a quieter city that is the perfect place to raise a family. Life in Warwick is exceptionally diverse, so if you have any questions about what it is like to live here, contact the experts at Compass New England today.