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Madison, Connecticut – Convenience, comfort, and beauty

Situated along a 36-square-mile stretch overlooking Long Island Sound, Madison, Connecticut provides a quintessential New England lifestyle. The town sits about halfway between Boston and New York, as each is reachable in about 2.5 hours, and is only 20 miles from New Haven, home of Yale University.

Madison is known for its old architecture, with many buildings from the 1600s still standing. The historic downtown area is also full of structures from the 1930s, some of which are now family-owned restaurants and boutiques. Of the town’s over 18,000 residents, you’ll find a sizable community of artists, in addition to accountants, lawyers, and other professionals who work in larger centers.

The five communities

Five distinct communities make up the town of Madison, with the most notable being Madison Center. Although this neighborhood isn’t the geographical center of the town, it is home to many of the area’s shops and restaurants, making it a local gathering spot. You’ll also find Madison Green, a historic park that hosts concerts and farmers’ markets, in this part of town.

The East River neighborhood is the town’s westernmost area, as it borders the neighboring town of Guilford. There are a few restaurants and shops along Boston Post Road in the region, along with a marina with access to Long Island Sound, but most of East River is residential.

Hammonasset Point is the furthest south you can go in Madison, as it darts into Long Island Sound and is home to a natural area preserve. You’ll find a state park and some beachfront homes for sale throughout this neighborhood, as well.

North Madison and Rockland are somewhat interchangeable, as the neighborhoods sit on the north side of town near Durham. North Madison is situated in the area where Durham Road and Old Toll Road meet, while Rockland is further north. Both communities feature dense tree cover offering plenty of privacy for residents, and lots of single-family homes.

In addition to Guildford and Durham, surrounding towns include Clinton and Killingworth, which are to the east. Interstate 95 runs right through Madison, providing easy access to other communities throughout southern Connecticut and into New York and Massachusetts, as well.

Madison, CT’s history

The land that is now Madison, Connecticut was initially purchased by European settlers from the Mohegan and Nehantic Indians in 1641. This land was then settled in 1650, becoming part of Guilford and calling itself East Guilford. In 1707, the increasing population led to East Guilford dividing into a separate town. The area that is now North Madison separated in 1753, becoming North Bristol.

In 1826, the town of Madison was born. Named after President James Madison, the community became a regional hub for industries like fishing, farming, shipbuilding, and crayon manufacturing.

Buildings like Deacon John Grave House, Jonathan Murray House, Shelley House, and Allis-Bushnell House still stand from those early days, and living in Madison, Connecticut means interacting with history every day.

Parks, beaches, and amenities

There’s plenty to do in Madison, starting with Hammonasset State Park. This 900-acre section is the state’s largest shoreline park and features two miles of beach. There are also trails, meadows, and picnic tables here, as well as some of the region’s best birdwatching.

West of Hammonasset is Bauer Park, which is 64 acres in size and offers nature programs for kids You’ll also find hiking and outdoor activities at Rockland Preserve, a park with 649 acres of woodlands and trails in the north end of town. East Wharf Beach and Surf Club Beach are popular with locals, as well.

Away from the parks and beaches, Main Street is the place to be, thanks to its abundance of shops and restaurants. Freshly-shucked oysters and other seafood dishes are available throughout the downtown area, and you can also visit some boutiques and check out the history-filled buildings.

A year-round destination

Many people who buy real estate in Madison, Connecticut start as seasonal residents. We’re seeing an increasing number of these buyers fall in love with the community, however, turning Madison into their year-round home.

Whether you’re looking to buy a second home or want to make Madison, CT your full-time residence, Compass New England  has you covered. Our office sits on Boston Post Road in Madison Center, and our experienced team of agents is always available to answer your questions or show you around any listing.