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Killingworth, Connecticut – Nature, state parks, and fishing

The town of Killingworth, CT, has a population of about 6,500 and enjoys a convenient location near the Connecticut Shoreline. This area is popular with full-time residents because it’s far enough away from the beaches that it doesn’t get the summertime crowds, but close enough that Long Island Sound is easily accessible.

Buying a home in Killingworth, Connecticut, means having hiking trails, fishing lakes, and two state parks right on your doorstep. You’re also just 100 miles from New York City and 135 miles from Boston, making it easy to spend a weekend in one of these major centers without much trouble.

There’s a little bit of everything in Killingworth, and being able to live close to the beachfront action without dealing with the crowds makes the town an ideal place for a year-round residence.

The neighborhoods of Killingworth

The central part of town sits where Route 80 and Route 81 meet. This neighborhood extends north up Higganum Road to a stretch with schools, a library, commercial properties, and industrial sites, and south down Clinton Road to an area with restaurants and shops. Residential sections extend from these main highways, with numerous subdivisions found a short distance from the town’s center. Killingworth doesn’t really have a proper downtown area, so this expanse is as close as it gets.

South of the downtown area is an area marked by Fawn Hill Road, Cow Pen Hill Road, and Deer Lake. This region is mostly residential, and many of the properties are large with extensive tree cover. This neighborhood runs right into Madison, so you might not know which town you’re in when driving the side streets.

The only neighborhood that is truly defined in the town is North Killingworth, which runs up Route 148 to the northwest of the region. This neighborhood isn’t highly populated and features a lot of farmland, providing plenty of space to those who are lucky enough to own property. The area borders the Rockland neighborhood in Madison, too.

Killingworth, CT’s history

The towns now known as Killingworth and Clinton were originally a single settlement called Hammonasset. In 1667, the area was renamed Kenilworth, and it would finally become Killingworth in the middle of the 18th century. In 1838, Clinton and Killingworth separated to become separate towns, although life in the two places remains intertwined.

Yale University, which was then called the Collegiate School, got its start in Killingworth. The school was technically located in what is now Clinton, but it was called Killingworth in 1701 when this took place. The university would later move to Old Saybrook before eventually settling in its current home of New Haven.

Things to do in Killingworth, Connecticut

Before buying real estate in Killingworth, Connecticut, figuring out the local activities is important. Many locals spend time exploring the two state parks within the town’s borders: Forster Pond State Park and Chatfield Hollow State Park.

Chatfield Hollow State Park is the larger of the two, and it features hiking through some dense woods, as well as access to Schreeder Pond. The pond is excellent for fishing and swimming during the summer. The park also has some climbing rocks, picnic areas, caves to explore, and special events throughout the year, making it a beautiful place to spend your time.

Forster Pond State Park, while smaller, has great hiking trails and offers an easy way to get into nature. The pond itself is challenging to reach, as you’ll have to hike there.

The center of Killingworth is only 15 minutes from Clinton Town Beach, as well, so you can get to the ocean in just a few minutes. The area around the beach has marinas, restaurants, and many other activities, so you’re never far from the action despite living in a more rural location.

Living in Killingworth, Connecticut’s

When you buy a home in Killingworth, Connecticut, you’ll feel like you’re secluded from the rest of the world thanks to its large, spread out properties and rural lifestyle. At the same time, you’re only minutes from the bustle and amenities of Clinton and Madison, so you can experience a livelier atmosphere if you so choose.

Living here means being able to hike through the woods or visit New York City on any given day, giving you more choice than you’d have in most other locations. If you have any questions about buying a home in Killingworth, CT, or anywhere else in Coastal Connecticut, call Compass New England  today.