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East Greenwich, Rhode Island – The state’s most affluent town

Sitting on the west side of Narragansett Bay, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, is a small town with about 13,000 residents and large sections of undeveloped forests and farmland. East Greenwich also holds the distinction of being Rhode Island’s wealthiest community, with a median household income of $98,063.

East Greenwich is bordered by Warwick to the north and North Kingstown to the south, and is about a 30-minute drive to Providence, making it easily commutable. The town is also about two hours from Boston and three hours from New York, allowing residents to easily spend the weekend in a larger city if they’re in search of a little excitement.

Overall, East Greenwich is a quiet community that has a lively and historic downtown and a bustling waterfront, ensuring that residents can relax in tranquility when they wish, but will always find something to do within the town’s borders.

The neighborhoods of East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Most of East Greenwich’s population is on the east side of town near Greenwich Cove. Some of the most populous neighborhoods include:

Hill and Harbour – East Greenwich’s historic downtown area is referred to as Hill and Harbour, which borders Greenwich Cove and includes the town’s Main Street. This section of town is home to numerous restaurants, the East Greenwich Free Library, Town Hall, and some marinas, making it a popular area to spend some time. There are large residential parts of the Hill and Harbour neighborhood, particularly on the west side of Main Street.

Lillibridge – Just west of Hill and Harbour is Lillibridge, a mostly residential area that includes the northern section of Post Road, as well. Most of Lillibridge is made up of quiet suburban streets, although the town’s middle school is in the neighborhood, too.

Meadowbrook – The Meadowbrook area includes a few neighborhoods, including River Farm, Queen’s Grant, and Tanglewood. This area sits just south of Lillibridge and also include a small segment of Post Road, despite being mostly residential. You’ll find the town’s high school in this part of town, as well.

Cindyann – Cindyann is just west of Lillibridge and runs as far north as Route 401 and west to Route 4. In the south, it reaches Middle Road, so it’s a pretty large section of town. This neighborhood is mostly residential, and it also has some woodlands.

Frenchtown – The central portion of East Greenwich is called Frenchtown, which includes South County Trail and a variety of businesses. There is a large nature preserve in Frenchtown, in addition to many of the town’s industrial properties. You’ll find residential areas here, too, although it’s less populated than other neighborhoods.

Woods Corner – The far western end of East Greenwich is Woods Corner, which is mostly rural with a few residential sections. This part of town borders West Greenwich and many of the homes feature larger lots because there isn’t much else in the region.

Greenwich, RI’s history

Dating back to 1677, East Greenwich is the state’s eighth-oldest town. The town was originally, along with present-day West Greenwich, called Greenwich, but the two sides separated in 1741.

Greenwich was mostly undeveloped until 1711 when local officials started selling off waterfront sections of property to anyone who would build a commercial structure. By 1725, the area has a school and a graveyard, and would later become one of the state’s capitals.

In 1772, Greenwich became the location of the first Navy in the history of the United States. This new branch of the military had only two ships to start but would grow in the coming years and become an integral force in the American Revolution. This navy history remains an important part of the town’s history.

Things to do in East Greenwich

Much of the activity in East Greenwich, RI, is around the waterfront near Greenwich Cove. This section of town is full of restaurants, bars, and shops, and also features The Greenwich Odeum performing arts venue. The waterfront area has historic homes, multiple marinas, some yacht clubs, two public boat launches, a playground, and Scalloptown Park, as well.

Away from the waterfront, you’ll find recreational areas like Academy Field, Cragan Field, Eldredge Field, and the Fairfield Playground, in addition to hiking trails at Fry Brook Recreation Park, the Hunts River Preserve, Frenchtown Park, and the Briggs Boesch Farm.

If you’re into the beach, Goddard Memorial State Park, which is technically part of Warwick, is just across the cove, and the park has a golf course nearby, as well.

You’re also close to the world-renowned beaches of South County when living in East Greenwich, as Narragansett Town Beach is only 25 minutes away, and you can reach East Matunuck State Beach in 30 minutes.

Buying a home in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

When you buy a home in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, you’re putting yourself in one of the East Coast’s most affluent communities and an area that is full of great dining and shopping experiences. You’re also near the action of Providence and South County but can spend time on your quiet property away from the bustle if you wish.

There’s a little bit of everything in this town, so if you have any questions about what it’s like to live in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, contact the experts at Compass New England.